I am a highwayman, on the road again
Me and my guitar, and my rambling band
Lookin' at the road, steady getting blowed
Carrying my load cause I know I gotta go my way
Lookin' to the sky, cities flying by
I don’t wanna lie cause I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die one day
But still the road leads back to thee
It always leads back to thee
How can I show my love so you will open your arms to me

So please won’t you tell me where the road will end
Got me a bottle as my only friend

Standing in the rain, dealing with the pain
Everything’s the same and it doesn’t really matter what I say
Picking up the phone, callin to your home
You will say no thats the reality of today

But still my thoughts fly back to thee
They always fly back to thee
Please won’t you understand that without you by my side there’s no me

So will you ever love me again, only time will tell
I’m in a hurry, cause they’re waiting down in hell


And no matter what I say or do
The road lead back to you